Safer Travel Police Team

A key part of the Partnership is the Safer Travel Police Team - which is a dedicated group of police and community support officers to deal with issues on public transport.

The team was originally created in 2005 and in the early days consisted of West Midlands police and community support officers who had dedicated responsibility for dealing with nuisance and anti social behaviour on buses. Although the unit was very successful in terms of deterring and detecting crime issues on buses, it was thought that there should be a dedicated team to deal with crime and disorder issues on all forms of public transport in the West Midlands – bus, rail and Metro.

The team has therefore recently been expanded to include police and community support officers from British Transport Police (BTP) – making this unique partnership the first of its kind in the country. Although BTP have for many years provided a presence on rail and Metro, it was agreed that dedicated BTP officers working with the partnership would further improve the overall effectiveness of the team and serve to create a safer public transport network in the West Midlands.

The combined police team now consists of 19 police officers (including 3 special constables) and 24 community support officers.
The team is ‘intelligence-led’ and operates by responding to crime and disorder issues on all modes of public transport in the region. In addition to the normal reporting methods available, staff, passengers and other members of the public are encouraged to report incidents of nuisance or anti-social behaviour through the ‘See Something Say Something’ initiative.

Two dedicated crime analysts carry out analysis of historical and current crime data to allow effective deployment of police resources to deal with emerging problems and issues of concern to the community. Police and community support officers also carry out routine patrols to provide a reassuring presence for the travelling public.