Although crime on public transport is relatively low, there are certain things you can do to further reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime

Safety and Security Tips:

  • Plan your journey in advance as much as possible. Make sure you know your route and stop, and check the times of the last bus, tram or train
  • Always try to wait for your bus/tram/train in a well lit place
  • Have your ticket, pass or change ready in your hand so your purse or wallet is out of sight and keep valuables like mobile phones, cash and jewellery out of sight.
  • Keep bags closed and close to you.
  • If you feel concerned about your safety on the bus, sit close to the driver. If you are on the tram or train, move to a carriage where there are other people.
  • Keep keys separate from anything with your address on it. If you are travelling, thieves may assume your house is empty
  • Pickpockets love crowds, so keep bags to the front, closed with the fastening towards the body, be particularly careful with rucksacks.

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