Welcome to the Safer Travel Partnership

Transport for the West Midlands, West Midlands Police, British Transport Police and Transport Operators make up the Safer Travel Partnership, which exists to make public transport in the West Midlands even safer.

Whilst the public transport network enjoys a very low crime rate, the Safer Travel Partnership is committed to making it even safer and importantly making people feel safe. To achieve this intelligence is gathered from a variety of sources to identify areas of the network that maybe vulnerable to crime, anti social behaviour and nuisance behaviour.

Policing activity is driven by a Safer Travel Tasking Group comprising of key partners and is informed through a monthly tactical assessment drawn up by a dedicated intelligence team. This team consists of an Intelligence Officer and an Intelligence analyst from each police force. Intelligence is drawn from a number of sources including officers, transport operators and the public themselves through the 'See Something Say Something' messaging scheme. This scheme enables the public to text to inform the Safer Travel team when they see behaviour during their journey that they feel is unacceptable or of an anti-social manner. The team will then focus appropriately on reassurance, enforcement and planned operations.    

The Partnership, the first of its type in the country, also has access to over 1000 CCTV cameras which are located at Bus, Rail and Metro stations, Park and Ride sites, Bus routes and in Bus shelters. The dedicated control centre is staffed 24 hours a day to spot and respond to incidents. As of December 2015 a new cutting edge service has been deployed where CCTV operatives can access cameras on services in real time. This enables the team to use mobile devices or tablets to monitor directly any instances that occur on the Network and can respond immediately.




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